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Agility and innovation in response to our commitment to consumers.

These solutions are aimed at all activities related to the food and consumer product industry. The features of these tools integrate food processes from start to finish (production, storage, packaging, logistics, finance, commercial circuit), optimizing compliance with quality standards for materials, products and lots.

  • Analytic productivity control: improves opportunities for success and return on investment.
  • Agility facing industry evolution, market dynamics and customer wishes.
  • Optimize production and commercial circuits (costs, quality and expiration).
  • SAP Catch weight management: double measurement unit, fixed conversion rate and weight loss in non-productive phases.
  • Myaltim:Lacteal: control of quality, preservation, expiration and traceability of dairy materials and products.
  • Myaltim:Olium: integrate the phases of oil pressing, refining, blending, packaging, purchase and sale of bulk supplies, olive-kernel oil, dressing, etc.
  • Plan and view company information with just one tool.
  • Quantify costs, prices and income in real-time.
  • Evaluate internal and external collaborators (providers, distributors, clients).
  • Control the quality in the logistics chain such as commitment to end consumers and as a legal requirement.

Case Studies

Dallant S.A.Dallant S.A.
Retos conseguidos:
  • Integrated management that is scalable to business growth.
  • Life-cycle and traceability of materials and lots.
  • Real-time warehouse traffic (stock).
  • Input and work in the system in a more productive manner, minimizing the number of transactions.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP.
  • SAP BI: Business intelligence.
  • SAP BPC: Business Planning & Consolidation.
  • SAP DMS: Document Management System.
  • PDA warehouse control (Personal Digital Assistant).
  • SAP NWBC – SAP Netweaber Business Client.

Grupo Acesur
Retos conseguidos:
  • Exhaustive definition of oil processes (traceability).
  • Greater competitive advantage in the market.
  • 100% guarantee of roll-out performance.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP - Myaltim:Olium.
  • Maintenance 24/7

Grupo Frías
Retos conseguidos:
  • Immediate access to quality information.
  • Automation of dairy processes.
  • Improved vision of market opportunities.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Lacteal.

Retos conseguidos:
  • Rigorous analytics in real-time.
  • Optimization of relationships with sales representatives.
  • Speediness of critical decision-making.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP – Myaltim:Olium.


Retos conseguidos:
  • Integrate the company’s daily management.
  • Increase in national and international customers.
  • Monitoring of critical business environments.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP.
  • Maintenance 24/7
  • IaaS: On Demand servers and storage.

Pan Milagros
Retos conseguidos:
  • Traceability in food production.
  • Comprehensive management of departments.
  • Real time information flow.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP BAIO - Business All-in-One.

Queserías Entrepinares
Retos conseguidos:
  • Standardization of corporate information.
  • Rigorous measurement: double unit, weight loss, conversion ratio.
  • Corporate email: standard and secure.
Soluciones implantadas:
  • SAP ERP.
  • SAP Catch weight management.
  • Microsoft on line Services.
  • BPOS (Business Productivity on line Services).