"Digital Transformation Solution"

  • Our business management solution (ERP)
  • HANA in-memory data platform for real-time analysis
  • Simplified processes
  • New interface and user experience
  • New architecture and data model
  • Cloud & On premises roll-out
  • Native integration with IoT and analytics


"Digital Transformation Solution"

  • Omni-Channel E-commerce - B2B and B2C
  • Integrated Marketing Digital and analytics
  • Integrated social networks
  • Invoice management
  • Commercial and sales force management
  • Service and customer care management
  • Vertical solutions
  • Configurable and multidevice

"74% of companies believe that complexity in business processes and decision-making has strongly inhibited their companies’ ability to meet goals while only 17% has access to tools to support quicker decision-making.” - Knowledge@Wharton, Business Simplification 2015.

"With this technology, we can now say that 80% of heart disease, stroke and diabetes are preventable."- World Health Organization.

"Today's business models are based on giving customers access to the products they want in the so-called sharing economy..."- TechCrunch, The Battle is for the customer interface

"In 2025, technology oriented to the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate 6.2 trillion dollars business."- a guide to the Internet of Things

"The sharing economy will grow by 3,000 per cent from 2016 to 2030."- PwC, The Sharing economy